Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Islands, No Drones, Environmental Racism and more.

Casita Gaia, Gaia Village is taking up most of my creative energy these days. Need to rebuild, again, on an island I actually own. Had an offer too good to pass up on the purchase of an island. See for the vision with which I'm working.

Also gathering some WPA graphics for a box of textures in SL. XstreetSL sales have been up recently.

And I updated the CODEPINK Hut on Commonwealth as well as the Environmental Rooftop Fest at Sugar Hill on top of the Museum of the African Diaspora with information about the No Drones actions at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada.

So much to do. Also trying to write an essay on the feminine nature of virtual worlds.

Peace. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Burning Censorship exhibit by Hermit Barber

I want to share images of Burning Censorship an exhibit I've been lucky enough to host on Womens Center from 10 December 2008, the 60th anniversary of the International Declaration of Human Rights, through the next week or 10 days. At that time I will begin setting up for International Women's Day and several events I hope to host in March around March 8th focused on women and the state of the world.

Hermit will have this exhibit up in other areas, I'm sure, but I want to share images of it with you here.

This is me entering the main enrance to the exhibit

pproaching the exhibit from the Women's History Walk
Another distance overview of the exhibit space.

and a true overview of the exhibit.

As your avatar walked into the exhibit space and came to the yellow brick road, you could sit on a bench in front of the main click for a notecard that describes the censorship Hermit experienced when this exhibit was ejected from Burning Life, and SL version of Burning Man that is totally about individual freedom and ressponsibility, and look either toward the enclosure with the rotating scene view

or toward Sarah Palin wrapped in a flag with a Sinclair Lewis quote below her pic, "When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.

Me, well, I just really liked the Paul Gauguin quote that states, "Art is either plagiarism or revolution."

Now for info about the several scenes which each examine unfortunate to horrific hallmarks of the Bush administration. (The italicized text below is the dialog that showed on-screen when an avatar touched the pink advance scene tabs on either side of the enclosure.) Italicized text describes the scene depicted in the image that immediately precedes the text.

Hermit Barber: This work is titled, 'I Spy.'
Hermit Barber: The answer to the question, 'Is there anybody out there?' is quite probably yes. No matter what you say, it will be taken down, written up and may be held against you forever. Imagine how grateful posterity will be. Now is your chance to say, 'Hello posterity.'

Hermit Barber: This work is titled, 'Yay!'
Hermit Barber: Blood, money, energy, reputation and irreplaceable time spilled upon the sands of the Middle East. And for what? To what end? The Dead do not care.

Hermit Barber: This work is titled, '911 of the Dollar.'
Hermit Barber: The destruction of the US dollar by successive US governments, culminating in the Bush Administrations nationalization of bank debt after privatizing the profits is one of the great tragedies of the world. Already the destruction of value in the collapse of capitalism is some 12 times greater than occurred in the US engineered destruction of the Soviet Union and exceeds in cost the combined sum of the Louisiana Purchase, New Deal, Marshall Plan,
the Korean, Vietnam and Iraq wars, the S&L bailouts and NASA's total budget including the 'Race to the Moon.'

Hermit Barber: The document on the floor of the exit was once significant and is important in fully interpreting this work.

Katrina and Friends:

Hermit Barber: This work is titled, Katrina and Friends.
Hermit Barber: If you feel your house a rockin', when nature comes a knockin', you possibly dwell in a disaster zone somewhere in the US. Fortunately it seems that the US government has determined that it has no obligation to assist its citizens in distress, apparently rationalizing that they probably brought the disaster upon themselves by breaking the laws of gods (or something equally precious). This is probably a good thing, because much of the US emergency capacity appears to be busy bringing freedom from the troubles of life to people all over the globe. With or without an invitation.
Hermit Barber: Please familiarize yourself with these images. We need to become accustomed to the idea of seeing inundated areas. As the globe warms and ocean levels rise by a conservatively estimated 7m, the fact that each 1m rise in water level will inundate approximately 80km of coastline will be graphically illustrated. Unfortunately 60% of mankind lives within 120km of a coast. As the aquifers supplying fresh water to the inhabitants in most coastal areas will be flooded long before the land is inundated, people will be forced to move away, before they drown.This might be regarded as a good thing.

You can't have Jesus without an apocolypse.

Hermit Barber: This work is titled, Please Watch This Pot.
Hermit Barber: Unfortunately it may already be too late to prevent it from boiling. Pimental and Giampietro's study was conservative and qualified. It was based on fertilizer and water remaining at 2005 availability. Unfortunately, the availability of both has already decreased since the report was written. So the reported 'sustainable levels' are very likely significantly optimistic.
Hermit Barber: If we do not work on resolving urgent issues such as energy, food and water availability; as well as controlling human populations; it seems rather probable that rather than 'just' the two out of three predicted by Pimental and Giampietro having to die for the rest to survive that between 10 and 12 out of every 13 people currently alive may have to die to give the survivors a chance.
Hermit Barber: Will you volunteer to be one of those to die, so that a few survivors might live? Do you expect people to queue quietly for the exit as their world collapses? Or do you suspect that it will be messy - and because of that, try not to think about it? Politics as usual are concealing the rapidly oncoming realities. Without an urgent and massive investment in solutions, the extinction of mankind is likely to occur in our lifetimes. Assisted by our wonderful governments, who determined long ago that a rapid decrease in global populations was preferably to slow starvation.

Hermit Barber: This work is titled, 'Torture? US?'
Hermit Barber: 'Torture? US?' is as interactive as its prototype. If you sit on one of the pose balls you will notice that you have been co-opted and that your avatar is electrifying the 'non-torture' subject. If you find this concept shocking, you may be 'with the terrorists'.

Ana on a poseball that activates your avitar into the "now infamous flunky who would end up taking the rap for stupidly carrying out the orders of MUCH higher ups" hands and fingers pointing to the side toward a person being tortured stance:

Hermit Barber: This work is titled, 'Goddamn Hippie Insurgent!' Hermit Barber: Apparently anyone who is 'with the terrorists' fully deserves whatever nasty fate overtakes them. If fate does not operate fast enough, the US government will assist it.

Hermit Barber: This work is titled, 'Oil Terrorist.'
Hermit Barber: An important question, as yet not fully answered, is how these terrorists came to live over oil belonging to the US government.

It is not about agreeing. It is about thinking.

Oh and about pigs and lipstick.
And there was also lipstick on a pig. :-)

Thank you, Hermit.


Herewith the text from the notecard given in Hermit's exhibit when an avatar touched the image of an SL hand covering a mouth - shown in the first image in this blog entry.

Copy of a Letter Sent To Linden Labs as a Trouble Ticket 2008-09-24

Request for Determination, Action and Response

I have a stand at the SL Burning Life (Burning Life (Hydro) 102, 3). Burning life is a Linden Lab sponsored event. Artists are invited to express themselves there. The theme is "An American Dream" which seems to me to have turned into a nightmare, and I have worked on the artwork for this exhibition for a fortnight. On my stand I had two posters - and a hurricane - quoting words attributed to Sarah Palin to demonstrate how she is perceived by a significant section of the public. The one was "Our national leaders, are sending soldiers out on a task that is from God. That's what we have to make sure that we're praying for, that there is a plan and that that plan is God's plan. Sarah Palin" and the other "Todd and I talked about Hurricane Katrina as God's way of cleansing New Orleans of the blacks who have sinned, the Bible predicted it" Sarah Palin (2005).

On 2008/09/20 Talia Tokugawa acting for Linden Labs demanded that I remove these items from my exhibit and not replace them (Chat log appended). After I refused to take them down as I regard them as political speech protected under the California Constitution (but unlinked them) Talia Tokugawa returned them. She alleged that they "promoted racism" and were "broadly offensive" and threatened me with "The G Team" which is apparently LL's TOS enforcement service. She asserted that she had reported me for a TOS violation and implied that she was directly in contact with "the GTeam" over this, with the clear inference that I could be banned from SL for a breach of the TOS. I requested a contact number for the G-Team and was informed that they would be in contact with me. I have waited a more than reasonable period given the pressure of the opening day of the Burning Life exposition and have heard nothing.

I do not believe I violated the TOS in any manner by quoting statements made by or attributed to Vice Presidential candiate Sarah Palin. I regard this action as a clear infringement of my right to engage in protected political speech in a public forum, as censorship of my artistic expression and due to the possibly actualized threat to "report me to the G-team" where the outcome is uncertain but the possibility of being banned appears definitely present - and would lead to serious consequences for a sim owning non-profit, The Smarter Earth Institute, which I represent here in SL (and the sim for which, SmarterEarth, is registered to me) - comprises a massive and effective example of prior restraint.

I request that Linden Labs:
* determine that this was protected political speech and communicate same to me.
* confirm that I can engage in protected speech without harrassment including replacing the items removed from my exhibit.
* instruct Talia Tokugawa, Linden Lab's staff and representatives not to harrass me or anyone else for engaging in protected political speech.
* instruct Talia Tokugawa, Linden Lab's staff and representatives not to threaten people with banning for engaging in protected political speech on private property held open to the public.
* instruct Talia Tokugawa, Linden Lab's staff and representatives not to return objects that do not violate the TOS and which constitute relevant political speech.
* act speedily on these issues in order that I may complete my exhibit in time for the opening as I have now lost several days while waiting on communication from Linden Labs regarding this matter.

All communication with me will be logged, will be copied to my attorneys and others and may be published.

Yours Sincerely

Name Omitted

Chat log:
I have suppressed simultaneous IMs, on-line/off-line notices and announcements from prims from this chat log. In addition, I wear a simultaneous translator (into French) which I have also suppressed. Philos Kidd was an unbelieving bystander who logged this to a notecard at my request in order to have an independent witness.

I assert all rights to this content, and am releasing it under the Creative Commons, for attribution, non-commercial. share-alike.

[2008/09/20 17:46] Hermit Barber: Just the person I need to see! Talia?
[2008/09/20 17:46] Philos Kidd: hello talia
[2008/09/20 17:46] Hermit Barber: I quite literally have the BL group up on my screen to get the spelling of your name :-)
[2008/09/20 17:46] Tom32 Anatine: hi everyone
[2008/09/20 17:46] Philos Kidd: hello tom
[2008/09/20 17:47] Hermit Barber: What do I need to do to make my rezzers operate correctly?
[2008/09/20 17:47] Hermit Barber: Please don't say deed to group.
[2008/09/20 17:47] Talia Tokugawa: okay I won't
[2008/09/20 17:47] Hermit Barber: *grins*
[2008/09/20 17:48] Hermit Barber: They work fine if I am in sim or have recently been in sim and am still in cache. But then they stop working.
[2008/09/20 17:50] Talia Tokugawa: sooo
[2008/09/20 17:51] Tom32 Anatine: yes talia?
[2008/09/20 17:51] Talia Tokugawa: that statemen on teh wall?
[2008/09/20 17:51] Hermit Barber: Nods
[2008/09/20 17:51] Talia Tokugawa: thats a tos
[2008/09/20 17:52] Hermit Barber: Quoting peopl;e is a TOS?
[2008/09/20 17:52] Hermit Barber: She didn't say it inm IM AFAIK?
[2008/09/20 17:52] Hermit Barber: It is on video.
[2008/09/20 17:52] Talia Tokugawa: you wish to remove it and we will let the g-team decide that?
[2008/09/20 17:52] Hermit Barber: Which one?
[2008/09/20 17:52] Talia Tokugawa: it's a promotion of racisim
[2008/09/20 17:52] Hermit Barber: What?
[2008/09/20 17:53] Talia Tokugawa: you need to remove both
[2008/09/20 17:53] Hermit Barber: How can showing that somebody running for an important office is possibly a racist equivalent to promoting racism?
[2008/09/20 17:54] Talia Tokugawa: whats you source?
[2008/09/20 17:54] Hermit Barber: Would you care to hold on a moment please.
[2008/09/20 17:54] Talia Tokugawa: you need to remove both now or I return them
[2008/09/20 17:55] Philos Kidd: is stunned
[2008/09/20 17:55] Hermit Barber: They are both unlinked from the build.
[2008/09/20 17:56] Second Life: Your 2 objects have been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Talia Tokugawa near parcel '109' at Burning Life (Hydro) 102, 3 due to parcel owner return.
[2008/09/20 17:57] Philos Kidd: guess I will have to rethink my build now lest it be censored
[2008/09/20 17:57] Talia Tokugawa: please don't replace them or anything like them..
[2008/09/20 17:57] Hermit Barber: As this happened in open channel, I will be quoting itas far and wide as I can.
[2008/09/20 17:58] Hermit Barber: Oh I will do a new exhibit featuring your censorship of burning life.
[2008/09/20 17:58] Hermit Barber: I'm really impressed.
[2008/09/20 17:59] Hermit Barber: And BTWE, you have not yet answered my technical question.
[2008/09/20 17:59] Talia Tokugawa: you still havn't answered mine on what your source was?
[2008/09/20 17:59] Hermit Barber: I am getting my source and missed yours.
[2008/09/20 18:01] Second Life: Your object 'bl tornado v4' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Talia Tokugawa from parcel '109' at Burning Life (Hydro) 73, 11 due to parcel owner return.
[2008/09/20 18:01] Hermit Barber:
[2008/09/20 18:03] Hermit Barber: Rats
[2008/09/20 18:05] Hermit Barber: Would you regard this as "promoting racism"
[2008/09/20 18:14] Hermit Barber: I have a stand at Burning Life. It had two posters up quoting Sarah Palin. The one was ""Todd and I talked about Hurricane Katrina as God's way of cleansing New Orleans of the blacks who have sinned, the Bible predicted it" Sarah Palin (2005)" and the other ""Todd and I talked about Hurricane Katrina as God's way of cleansing New Orleans of the blacks who have sinned, the Bible predicted it" Sarah Palin (2005). After I refused to take them down (but unlinked them) Talia Tokugawa returned them. She alleged that the latter "promoted racism" and threatned me with "The G Team" I am logging the entire conversation nd will forward it to every free speech site I can think of.
[2008/09/20 18:14] Hermit Barber: Repeating myself. Excuse me

[2008/09/20 18:15] Hermit Barber: I'm still waiting for your answer on the rezzer Talia
[2008/09/20 18:16] Talia Tokugawa: the answer on the rezzer is that no it won't work
[2008/09/20 18:16] Marianne Levasseur: Crashing... BRB.
[2008/09/20 18:17] Talia Tokugawa: thought that was kinda implied from the first time you asked me about it... when you told me not to say ;)
[2008/09/20 18:17] Hermit Barber: Ah, ok. Deed to group is the only answer.
[2008/09/20 18:19] Hermit Barber: But deed to group is not enabled.
[2008/09/20 18:19] Talia Tokugawa: right
[2008/09/20 18:24] Hermit Barber: So, how do I make my rezzers operate correctly?
[2008/09/20 18:25] Tom32 Anatine: Hermit: as for all other artists, you would not be able to use rezzers due to the security settings of the estate.
[2008/09/20 18:25] Hermit Barber: I see.
[2008/09/20 18:26] Hermit Barber: And is artistic expression and political speech now being supressed throught Burning Life?
[2008/09/20 18:27] Hermit Barber: I need to know who the ACLU needs to contact.
[2008/09/20 18:27] Hermit Barber: Is there a phone number where they can reach your side of the story?
[2008/09/20 18:27] Tom32 Anatine: if the expression carried in the political statement is considered to be of rasistic nature or broadly offensive, such a statement would generally not be allowed in all Second Life
[2008/09/20 18:28] Hermit Barber: Of course. But quoting a vice presidential nominee cannot be regarded as either.
[2008/09/20 18:28] Talia Tokugawa: this is out of our hands now...
[2008/09/20 18:28] Hermit Barber: There is protection for political speech in the USA.
[2008/09/20 18:28] Talia Tokugawa: g-team is now dealing with it
[2008/09/20 18:28] Hermit Barber: Amd Linden Labs in undeniably in the USA.
[2008/09/20 18:30] Hermit Barber: In that case who at Linden Labs should the ACLU be contacting?
[2008/09/20 18:31] Talia Tokugawa: I don't know but I can ask if you want.
[2008/09/20 18:31] Hermit Barber: Please do.

[2008/09/20 18:35] Hermit Barber: And this is a Linden Labs sponsored occassion is it not?
[2008/09/20 18:35] Talia Tokugawa: supported yeah
[2008/09/20 18:40] Talia Tokugawa: okies... I should go... this seemed a like a highly controvertial situation. It's our job to flag such things and g-team to deal with the situation. This has gone to gteam... there is not much more I can do... I have passed your request for contact info "up the line" and someone should be in contact.

[2008/09/20 18:45] Talia Tokugawa: please don't replace them until the results are through from the g-team
[2008/09/20 18:47] Hermit Barber: I did not intend to. My involvement in SL goes far beyond my right as a resident of the USA and an artist making a statement about the nightmare it has become.
[2008/09/20 18:49] Hermit Barber: And Linden Labs supression of that right is I think a substantial story. I wish to be here to cover it :-)
[2008/09/20 18:51] Talia Tokugawa: okay well that decision will be linden labs decision. I have just flagged it as something to look into.
[2008/09/20 18:51] Hermit Barber: No Talia.
[2008/09/20 18:52] Hermit Barber: You issued clear threats, returned items, and then contradicted your earlier statements with your actions.
[2008/09/20 18:52] Hermit Barber: Shrugs.
[2008/09/20 18:52] Hermit Barber: It is out of your hands.
[2008/09/20 18:53] Talia Tokugawa: and indeed on that your are right.. it's now out of my hands...
[2008/09/20 18:54] Talia Tokugawa: I need to go. Someone should be in contact with you over this.
[2008/09/20 18:55] Tom32 Anatine: bye bye talia
[2008/09/20 18:55] Hermit Barber: I very much hope so. You were getting me the name and number of the contact person
[2008/09/20 18:56] Talia Tokugawa: I said I passed your request up.
[2008/09/20 18:56] Cube Republic: hi
[2008/09/20 18:56] Philos Kidd: sry brb
[2008/09/20 18:56] Philos Kidd: afk
[2008/09/20 18:56] Talia Tokugawa: If it is me that is given the details I will pass them to you. I do not have them at the moment
[2008/09/20 18:57] Talia Tokugawa: *waves*
[2008/09/20 18:57] Tom32 Anatine: *waves back*
[2008/09/20 18:58] Hermit Barber: Thank-you
[2008/09/20 18:58] Tom32 Anatine: hermit, another quesiton... does this nice stargate work actually?
[2008/09/20 18:58] Hermit Barber: Yes
[2008/09/20 18:58] Hermit Barber: Walk into it
[2008/09/20 18:58] Tom32 Anatine: woah, where does it take one to?
[2008/09/20 18:58] Hermit Barber: It will give you the map.
[2008/09/20 18:58] Hermit Barber: L:ast place I came from
[2008/09/20 18:58] Tom32 Anatine: ah and what is to be found there if I may ask?
[2008/09/20 18:59] PORTAL Stargate whispers: If the map doesn't appear, please touch the portal, then click TELEPORT on the map to travel.
[2008/09/20 18:59] PORTAL Stargate whispers: If the map doesn't appear, please touch the portal, then click TELEPORT on the map to travel.
[2008/09/20 18:59] Hermit Barber: At the moment SmarterEarth's Museum of Earth Friendly Technology. A work in progress.
[2008/09/20 18:59] PORTAL Stargate whispers: If the map doesn't appear, please touch the portal, then click TELEPORT on the map to travel.
[2008/09/20 19:00] Tom32 Anatine: ah coo, but do you think that such would work on the Playa out there in the Nevada High Desert?
[2008/09/20 19:01] Hermit Barber: This one will vaniosh if I move away from it, but I have others that would work anywhere.
[2008/09/20 19:01] Tom32 Anatine: ah so once you leave here it is gone, it is not a permanent piece of your installation?
[2008/09/20 19:01] Hermit Barber: In Nevada it would lead to the person logging into SL one assumes.
[2008/09/20 19:01] Hermit Barber: Correct Tom
[2008/09/20 19:02] Hermit Barber: If you are looking for other items to complain about, please tell me so directly instead of approaching it laterally like some kind of demented crab.
[2008/09/20 19:03] Tom32 Anatine: ah cool then, see Burning Life tries to get as realistic and close to Burning Man as possible, and since you cannot just zap yourself thousands miles far in RL, this would not work here either, but if you remove it once you leave and just use it right now for creative reason that is cool
[2008/09/20 19:03] Hermit Barber: Good.
[2008/09/20 19:04] Tom32 Anatine: we do that everywhere and not just for you, it is just to keep up the spirit of having crossed the line, of being somewhere out there without any ability to just easily return
[2008/09/20 19:05] Tom32 Anatine: thanks for your understanding and have a nice night, I will be leaving for now
[2008/09/20 19:05] Cube Republic: lol


The next thing was that on 2008-09-24 items from my exhibit were returned - in pieces - by Tom32 Anatine. This was not preceded by, nor followed by any form of communication from Tom32, Linden Labs or any other member ofthe Burning Life management.

[18:44] Second Life: Your 13 objects have been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Tom32 Anatine near parcel '109' at Burning Life (Hydro) 97, 8 due to parcel owner return.
[18:46] Second Life: Your object 'BL Stage Cover' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Tom32 Anatine from parcel '109' at Burning Life (Hydro) 122, 12 due to parcel owner return.
[18:46] Second Life: Your object 'Object' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Tom32 Anatine from parcel '109' at Burning Life (Hydro) 98, 12 due to parcel owner return.
[18:46] Second Life: Your object 'Object' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Tom32 Anatine from parcel '109' at Burning Life (Hydro) 110, 12 due to parcel owner return.
[18:48] Second Life: Your object 'Block' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Tom32 Anatine from parcel '109' at Burning Life (Hydro) 115, 16 due to parcel owner return.
[18:48] Second Life: Your object 'Block' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Tom32 Anatine from parcel '109' at Burning Life (Hydro) 117, 12 due to parcel owner return.
[18:48] Second Life: Your object 'Block' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Tom32 Anatine from parcel '109' at Burning Life (Hydro) 115, 7 due to parcel owner return.
[18:49] Second Life: Your object 'Target' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Tom32 Anatine from parcel '109' at Burning Life (Hydro) 81, 11 due to parcel owner return.
[18:50] Second Life: Your 6 objects have been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by .:Burning Life:. near parcel '109' at Burning Life (Hydro) 118, 12 due to parcel owner return.

I attempted to ask why in the Burning life channel -

[18:51] IM: Hermit Barber: On 2008-09-20 Talia Tokugawa an organizer of Burning Life, and a Second Life Mentor representing Linden Labs at this sponsored event, asserted that quoting things Sarah Palin is reported to have said was racist and broadly offensive. Which perhaps tells us where Sarah Palin is coming from. It seems that Talia got the point as to why I included them! Talia then vandalized my exhibit by returning items from it, in so doing suppressing protected speech, and then allegedly reported me to “The G-Team,” presumably an extra-legal Linden body named to intimidate; and given the possible consequences, surely an example of prior restraint.
[18:51] IM: Hermit Barber: As Talia either reported me to the G-Team or lied about having done so, in public and with witnesses, some public communication from them seems to be in order.

On the same occasion I was effectively warned by Tom32 Anatine that items not possible at the physical Burning Man are not welcome at Burning Life. This seems to potentially impact many exhibitors at the Burning Life exhibition and I don't think it has been sufficiently addressed by the organizers. Stupid strategy or not (after all, a Stargate Portal at the physical Burning Man might well house a Wifi connection and an SLURL to bring a visitor into the Burning Life exhibition), surely such a policy should apply to everyone or no one? My stand held nothing like that. I was also told that due to "security" requirements, rezzers are not permitted at Burning Life. While this certainly all but precludes dynamic displays, e.g. of fireworks or other projectiles, which are, of course, a major feature at the physical Burning Man I am not sure how this improves security. Given how many people this potentially affects, this too appears to be a matter deserving a public response.

At this point I have heard nothing more from “The G-Team” (or had any communication from Linden Labs (or Talia despite her having undertaken to provide contact information)) and I still see many “improbable if not impossible” exhibits at Burning Life. Earlier today I sent a letter to Linden Labs requesting that they issue a directive on this issue. I am now seeing my items being returned with no further discussion. Has it happened to anyone else here? Is there any reason for this action being taken?


As of 2008-09-27, I can confirm that I was banned from visiting the Burning Life Exhibition space as well. Still with no word from Linden Laboratories.

Then on 2008-11-21 this was sent closing the Ticket:

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay in replying to this ticket, it was misfiled by the system.

No warning or suspension was recorded on your account regarding this incident.

We value an open environment in which residents feel free to express themselves, even when their views may not be popular as long as those expressions do not marginalize, belittle, or defame individuals or groups.

In future we will be looking closely at Linden events and resident moderator involvement to avoid problems such as the incident you describe.

Best regards,

Harry Linden


I reopened it on 2008-11-23

Harry, my position wasn't a minority position (there are far more liberals on SL than in the physical world, and as the election showed, this is reflected in the US preference for Obama/Biiden over McCain/Palin), but had it been, it would have been even more important to protect it. I have reopened this ticket in that you have not addressed my questions about protected speech, you might ask your corporate counsel to advise you on the probable applicability of Pruneyard vs Robins given that LL is a California Corporation, creates attractions for the public and markets this world as belonging to the residents. Thank-you for your attention.


Only to have it closed again on 2008-12-03

Hi there,

I'm unable to assist any further with this ticket.

Please contact if you wish to continue the discussion with our legal team.

Best regards,

Harry Linden.

MediaMaster Service ended in late January 2009

MediaMaster is no more. My land isn't streaming my own music any longer. I'm sad. If any one has any info on similar type products or services, please let me know.

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Product in SL - A Labyrinth for Walking Meditation

This is the box cover to my newest item on SL Exchange... oops I mean X Street SL... you know the major website that allows people to purchase stuff with Lindens or U.S. dollars and have the item delivered to their avatar in SL, the one run by Apotheosus Silverman... oops I mean the one that used to be owned by A.S. but was just bought out by Linden Labs and is now a part of Second Life.

I'm a bit unsure about how to feel about this acquisition/merger/buyout -- whatever -- I could have bailed but people are still buying my stuff. I had just joined the forums and was getting into being serious about SL merchandise.

SL or any established corporate entity, tends to make the innovations of the companies they purchase the last major innovation of that company. Bureaucracy is death to creativity. Its just the way it is. I knew Xstreet well enough to be able to really make money in SL if I put my mind to it... then everything changes. What those changes are will take time to unroll and become evident. Oh well I still have new products to show off.

I've wanted to build a walking meditation labyrinth for at least two years, and have dabbled at prototypes a few times, but finally decided to get serious about it.

It took me a full day to build it and get it just right for what I wanted. Packaging took another day. I have a full prim model (160 prims) a temp. rez version (counts as one prim on land, but still takes as many server resources as a full prim permanent one) and a combo pack (with both versions.) I have all all three versions on X Street SL as well as in my store Casita Gaia on Barcelona del Oeste and on my island Casita Gaia.

It is pretty cool even if I do say so myself.

Wanna bet how long it will be until someone rips off the idea? Oh well that is how innovation works.

The combo pack comes with floating meditation pose ball, and all come with a slow walk animation that I recommend using if any avatar has difficulty navigating the passage.

This isn't a maze. Mazes tend to have many dead ends and wrong turns, but a labyrinth has only one way in and one way out... just like life.

This could be used as a lawn ornament, basis for a walking art installation, or a walking meditation path; it will be a conversation piece.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Island Life - Open, Homestead, and Otherwise

Looks like my social and business over-extension isn't going to go away. I now have two islands! Not real islands in the sense of coughing up thousands of dollars U.S. and then paying hundreds a month for 17,000+ prims (the building blocks of the visual virtual world) but rather Open Space islands that will soon be called Homestead Islands while the term Open Space island will be reserved for islands that are only for open sea or forests, gardens and the like and will be limited to around 700 prims.

At this time I plan to keep the two islands I have for the time being.

The Women's Building Place Sandbox is very popular.

And work is underway to create Casita Gaia a island HQ location for my businesses. I will have to decide whether to keep all my other stores open within a few days as rents on them come due. More business discussion in another post. I will have to go into options and let you see how I weighed the facors and whether money or fun trumped the other one. I will interested to see what I decide too. LOL.

I'm renting both these open spaces from Delicious Demar who has been a friend for almost my whole life in SL.


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