Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Grids, New Worlds?

I will start with a question. With new grids coming online and getting up to speed to accommodate everyday users, does this mean the virtual world is fissioning or expanding? Are these new grids really different virtual worlds? Are they just outposts or out growths of the same virtual world? Just what is a virtual world?

I do not intend to rewrite the history of MMORPG's here. I think we do have to briefly talk about them though if we are to discuss essence and meaning in regard to virtual worlds. Participating in a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game would be similar to immersing yourself fully into a novel and being able to have your character interact with the other characters in routine daily actions but having your overall life capabilities and direction already laid out for you.

When Second Life emerged into the fabric of the internet five years ago, very few people seemed to be able to grasp the potential of using the vehicle of a 2 dimensional game platform for simple human interaction in a user created world. You either "got it" or you didn't. Open ended role playing was an option there, as in the Caledon sims but so was just hanging out and creating your own unique niche in a new world.

MMORPGs don't host RL seminars, conferences etc. with RL speakers, Life 2.0 was amazing, I susect BlogHer 08 in SL will be equally so.

This is just a little taste of what I want to talk about in more depth over the next few months.


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