Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mo Mo Mo Madcow thanks to Mo(rris)

Art, it's one of the great things about Second Life -- and Morris Vig's Oyster Bay Aquarium and Art Space is one of the best art spaces in Second Life. Super large scuptures with hundereds of prims are difficult to find in SL but the sculptures of MadCow that often top out above 1,000 prims are being displayed for the next 11 days -- three days already down in the 14 day exhibit where one or two huge works of MadCow's are rezzed each day for only one day. It is a not to be missed treat --- 14 of them actually.

You can read Morris's blog here.

Monday, May 7, 2007

My life as an avatar, and welcome to it.

Hey there.

No this is hardly my first blog post... my real life alter ego has other blogs, but it is time for her to step into the shadows and for me, Ana, to give voice to my take on SL - RL - and the world that the powers that be would like us to believe in. Second Life has given me life, albeit a virtual one, and in doing so given me opportunity to examine
elements of being, creation of self, to explore artistic expression and creation in ways that my RL persona by passed.

Here are a couple snapshots of my house in SL. Decadent. Poorly built. But mine-all mine!

You can see the logo for my commercial enterprises in SL in the lower left hand corner. More about commercial enterprises in a later post.

I spend a great deal of my time in SL working for peace and justice in RL. In fact I started a "chapter" of CODEPINK Women for Peace in SL. You can see part of our most recent action in the following photo. I threw together an Impeach on the Beach action when another CODEPINKer Lilith Pronovost spoke to her friend Fatz Sheflo who offered up his new island space for the action. In the pic below you can see part of the word "impeach" being spelled out with avatars on beach blankets on Mikianna Island. After we made the word and hopefully increased understanding about the impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors that Bush and Cheney have committed, we had a DJ and a bit of a dance party so folks could talk politics and hopefully make some new politically informed friendships.

Oh yes.... I should put in an image of me!

LOL. Almost forgot to do that. Guess I should upload a profile photo. I lifted this one of me and the following pic that were taken at the action yesterday taken by errcheck hicks, a great friend and sl activist, from his RL alter ego's flickr postings of the action. --- and here is another one of his that shows me above the crowd at that dance party next to the bill board I built and textured with Article II Section 4 of the US Constitution about who can be impeached and for which reasons.


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About this blog and Second Ana:

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The Womens Center, Second Life
Ana Herzog, avatar in the virtual world of Second Life, expounds on the semiotics of identity in the metaverse, alternate realities, feminism, artistic expression and the growing use of SL as a a progressive networking tool. Second Ana was born into Second Life on July 8th of 2006. Her island, The Womens Center, will officially open on the Autumnal Equinox. She owns Casita Gaia, an Interior Furnishings Boutique in Barcelona del Oeste. She is the local coordinator for CODEPINK SL. CODEPINK SL is an international chapter of CODEPINK Women for Peace. CODEPINK is also represented by our hut hangout on Commonwealth Island where our neighbors include the ACLU and Green Peace.