Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Commerce & Creativity

Last couple of days I have just been playing around in Gaia Peace Gardens, my land and living space in SL. Playing with textures. I do that a lot. Here is one of my new ones. Haven't packaged it for sale yet. I will.

My stainless steel kitchen textures (professional version) are a great seller for me on I've started learning how to create textures from scratch using GIMP or GIMPSHOP (opensource software) and not just looking for no copyright or public domain textures to use as a prototype from which to sample.

Creating a couple new home decor items.... and finishing up a few changes to my house. Finishing is a bit of a silly term to use for description of my house. The basic form is there but I'm always moving walls about and realizing just how much of a novice I was when I broke ground so to speak with the first bit of terraforming and rezzing the first prim for the foundation. I still don't know as much about building as I would like to. Prim alignment tools are gathering dust in my inventory as I never have the time to learn to use them.... and I remain a "use math" to align builder.

Getting images into SL is easy and not prohibitively expensive with the wonderful open source program "Gimp" that is akin to Photoshop but free to use and build upon. If you don't know about open source software, I suggest going to and finding out.


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