Friday, January 25, 2008

EvaMoon Ember @ the Conscious Lounge - Comedic Singer Songwriter

If you haven't checked out Conscious Lounge on the Isle of Genesis as yet, you are missing one of the best mash ups of politics and punk, of comedy and country, of ambient and anarchy on the grid. A place that is equally comfortable as hang out, as in depth discussion for left ofproprietess center perspectives, and of course for music and dance. Solidad Sugarbeet is the proprietess, sometimes DJ, discussion mediator, and original thinker behind the Lounge. Many folks consider this an essential space for in world political action. Check it out. It is almost certain that will you come away with information and attitude you didn't have before interacting with the fine folks who hang there, and you will come away having heard some great Indy music.

EvaMoon performed at Conscous Lounge on Jan 24. A singer songwriter with a ribald sense of humor, she performed original material for a good music, good laughter, good time.
EvaMoon backed up by Malcolm X. You can see the open air club atmosphere. I find the space to be far more inviting than a close in club.

Beautiful person in the audience.

The second act that I unfortunately could not stay for was Wendy Curtis. A pic of when she was tuning. "Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair."

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hope to have a few rather large splats of blogging to catch up with all that has been happening. Opened a new store "Seasons" in Barcelona on the new sim across from the Cathedral, but I'm going to close it. Over expansion of a sort. Too many new projects at one time. Guess I will just keep my one store there, Casita Gaia, next to the Cafe. Started updating the store a couple days ago.... but I'm also creating a new space for myself on Anhalt Hill that I call Virtuality. I will have all my stuff there. Buildings for sale, furniture, textures, the works, and I will have the open space that I initially created on Echo Island - a cafe for meetings and a cuppa joe in this new spot. Open to all of course. I suppose some folks would just go for the island at this point, but I'm more cautious. I have about a 1/4 island that I purchased with just the first month's rent as the purchase price. There are a few honest and ethical sorts out there doing the SL land baron thing. I probably angered the established tenants with my terraforming, but I needed mountains and beach.

I mentioned Echo Island. I'm going to miss Monday, the owner of Echo. He was a neighbor on the mainland, and I purchased a spot from him not so long ago. I just outgrew the parcels he had available. He gave me a beautiful ballerina music box as a going away gift. *Sniff, choke back tears, ahem.* We're only a T.P. away, but I like having him as a neighbor. Hope he will still serve on VKG's board.

The biggest thing going on behind, above, and through all this is the consulting company I've worked to build in the last few months. The Virtual Knowledge Group with me as the founding director is taking off nicely. I've real customers paying in not only Lindens but also U.S. dollars. Not as good as Euros at this point, but what can a person do? All my electronic existence is based in RL in a place called Tucson, Arizona. I've helped so many folks along the way since my rez day in July of 2006. It only makes sense to channel some of what I've learned about business and plain old life in SL -- I am collecting my info for eventual (sooner rather than later) sale as a "business package" I will market on SL Exchange that will have an In World book as well as some of the more useful freebie/transferable scripts available in world as well as links to some of the vendors I trust. So far I've helped, and am helping avies set up shop through private tutoring. I also have examined the marketing of some successful businesses so that I can help my customers figure out what approach to take in marketing their business.


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