Friday, May 30, 2008

Brief update on Grids, SL, Art, Drawing, and Blogging Conferences in the Metaverse

Geesh I've been bad. No posts for quite some time. Much going on Grid wise, less so SL wise. So much to talk about.

SL will not be the only option soon for regular Joes and Janes. I want to rent a server and run a region or two on one of the new open source grids running OpenSim. OS Grid, OpenLife Grid, DeepGrid and others are up and running at some level. Some are renting land now and others are waiting for the software to be a bit more stabilized. Walking between Grids, or flying, or whatever, will be possible.... not sure how soon though. Apparently if you are on something other than a Mac you can download full perm items and reload them onto other grids with the right bit of software.

Oyster Bay has closed although some of it is still there, but not as active a place as it once was. But the Oyster Bay book has come out and I will review it soon.

Also, I'm on a panel at the upcoming BlogHer in SL. Several Avatars will be speaking on the panel that I'm on, but that is all I know, so far.
I'm Speaking at BlogHer 08
But.... more on that soon!

Also my friend Liam of Barcelona del Oeste and Barcelona del Pi has set up an educational build and will start teaching about business in SL. I may also do a class at Avatar U. now and again. I believe this is all under the auspice of the Avatars Group.

I've uploaded a bunch of SL images to Flickr including one on Life 2.0.

Each of these items deserves a post in and of itself, but for now I will just have to hint at the great topics to come.

Have also been testing out a few graphics programs such Art Rage 2.5, Draw It, Sketch Up, Art Text, Lineform, Photoline, and some others that I will review soon.


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