Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bad, Bad Avatar

I have been a bad avatar and blown off some very important projects in SL of late. To any and all impacted... I'm sorry... The dream state that haunts me so often, this RL, as people call it, has consumed so much of my world of late. It's addictive and probably detrimental to society as a whole.

I got my Burning Life build almost finished by the time BL was over. :( And there were so many things to explore and marvel over. In a transitory world, a transitional event can act like and alpha over alpha texture.

In any case I'm going to try to catch you all up on the projects with which I am involved and in the process I hope to catch up with the projects themselves.

CODEPINK. We didn't do as much for the debates as I would have liked. I'm just not a good people coordinator... too much of a lone wolfess for that (LOL. I must be getting in touch with my inner Furry.) But my personal hijacking of the "I Miss America" CODEPINK Campaign for Burning Life was fun. CODEPINK on Commonwealth has been neglected for far too long. Same with CODEPINK and its involvement with the Babel Project. CODEPINK is currently sponsoring the Cafe on Womens Center.

Womens Center. The name is good. The name alone is getting dozens of avatar visits a day. I just need to have the time to finish the unpretentious thematic build and get some more content scattered about. And I have to get some speakers lined up, and get my Women's Freebie Center created. I got rid of the Volcano on Womens Center. I'm recreating my first real home in SL - the beachfront comfy but palatial house I designed and built in Scandium when I had a hillside there before Hippie Pay ruined the neighborhood. I am looking for a Sponsor for the Women's Building Place, the Sandbox, if you will.

Anyway I want to get my Freebie Area set up so newcomers have a safer place to search.

I'm also interested in establishing a Poetry Group that meets there that is positively focused, not critique based... where work is discussed but not evaluated.

I still have my shops in Barcelona de Oeste. I'm just not sure how to handle this. Liam Serf has been a great friend and an early mentor in my SL life. I will keep a store there. I just don't have what I need there in terms of location and space, though. I am trying a set up in another store, but.... just haven't quite found the right combination.

SL Exchange became X Street and that is still going well for me although I have not run it as much like a business as I should have for many, many months. That is changing though. I'm getting serious about getting everything set up consisently and in an easy to manage fashion. Will let you know if I accomplish that. :p

I do have a couple new texture packs out. Shades of Black, White, Gray -- perfect for decorating a club. Currently it is only available on X Street. And the Iconic Signs have been updated, corrected and properly packaged.

Okay... the next posts will be focused and full of pics and links.


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