Monday, January 26, 2009

New Product in SL - A Labyrinth for Walking Meditation

This is the box cover to my newest item on SL Exchange... oops I mean X Street SL... you know the major website that allows people to purchase stuff with Lindens or U.S. dollars and have the item delivered to their avatar in SL, the one run by Apotheosus Silverman... oops I mean the one that used to be owned by A.S. but was just bought out by Linden Labs and is now a part of Second Life.

I'm a bit unsure about how to feel about this acquisition/merger/buyout -- whatever -- I could have bailed but people are still buying my stuff. I had just joined the forums and was getting into being serious about SL merchandise.

SL or any established corporate entity, tends to make the innovations of the companies they purchase the last major innovation of that company. Bureaucracy is death to creativity. Its just the way it is. I knew Xstreet well enough to be able to really make money in SL if I put my mind to it... then everything changes. What those changes are will take time to unroll and become evident. Oh well I still have new products to show off.

I've wanted to build a walking meditation labyrinth for at least two years, and have dabbled at prototypes a few times, but finally decided to get serious about it.

It took me a full day to build it and get it just right for what I wanted. Packaging took another day. I have a full prim model (160 prims) a temp. rez version (counts as one prim on land, but still takes as many server resources as a full prim permanent one) and a combo pack (with both versions.) I have all all three versions on X Street SL as well as in my store Casita Gaia on Barcelona del Oeste and on my island Casita Gaia.

It is pretty cool even if I do say so myself.

Wanna bet how long it will be until someone rips off the idea? Oh well that is how innovation works.

The combo pack comes with floating meditation pose ball, and all come with a slow walk animation that I recommend using if any avatar has difficulty navigating the passage.

This isn't a maze. Mazes tend to have many dead ends and wrong turns, but a labyrinth has only one way in and one way out... just like life.

This could be used as a lawn ornament, basis for a walking art installation, or a walking meditation path; it will be a conversation piece.

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