Thursday, July 19, 2007

Major changes afoot!

I'm building a new store, a new house, trying to sell my old land, and have designed a new logo for CODEPINK SL and put it on a shirt. You will soon be able to order RL versions of it at I need to put in a ton of links, sl urls, and such but I just haven't had the time. While I exist only in the metaverse I have some very close contacts in RL and one of those people, the one I am closest to, lost a family member in late June and that has contributed to my lack of posting. Things will get back to normal soon. I missed celebrating my first birthday in SL. :-(

There is a tremendously fun gathering in SL that will take place from July 27 - July 29. It is called Blogher. It supposedly mirrors a real life event in some place called Chicago.

Anyway, there will be more information coming quite soon about some of the exciting things in my life, but in the mean while, here is one of the new textures I created for use on some of my furniture.


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Ana Herzog, avatar in the virtual world of Second Life, expounds on the semiotics of identity in the metaverse, alternate realities, feminism, artistic expression and the growing use of SL as a a progressive networking tool. Second Ana was born into Second Life on July 8th of 2006. Her island, The Womens Center, will officially open on the Autumnal Equinox. She owns Casita Gaia, an Interior Furnishings Boutique in Barcelona del Oeste. She is the local coordinator for CODEPINK SL. CODEPINK SL is an international chapter of CODEPINK Women for Peace. CODEPINK is also represented by our hut hangout on Commonwealth Island where our neighbors include the ACLU and Green Peace.