Thursday, September 6, 2007

What kind of politics will Linden Labs support?

Linden Labs launched a new support system for business and education at a couple of days ago.

I was interested in how they were describing the political life in SL. You can see here.

I really hope they don't exclude the grassroots groups in their coverage of political organizations. For example.... is CODEPINK SL mentioned. Not that I could find, even though we participated in Netroots last fall, helped with the virtual march on D.C.,(Many thanks to errcheck hicks(sl) /venice vandal(flicker) for this three pinks pic.)
were the first group to set up on Commonwealth Island and join in with EU virtual demonstrations.
Yes, that is me in the pink latex pants with leather chaps, pink tipped hair and although you can't see it, the front of my shirt says, "Fire Bush."

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New Stores, New Products, New Friends.

I'm back! It seemed like I didn't do anything for months. I wonder where the time goes! But since I've returned I've been busy.

I have a new store in !Ayumi's Waterworld Japan. Here's the logo. This one is called Casita Gaia, too. Imagine that!

I was so honored when Aluviel the manager of Ayumi's found my store in Barcelona, loved my stuff, and asked me if I would be interested in opening a store in the Japan sim. I checked it out, loved th layout, tranquility, and just the vibe of the place. I rented Mega store #4 there.

One of the first things I did was to finally package actual individual appliances as a set. So now you can purchase individual appliances, a whole set, or the textures and make 'em yourself. And I actually went to my Barcelona Store and cleaned house, straightened up and resized all the appliances to fit my size. I think I'm around 6 ft. tall if you apply the SL grid rule to me.

Anyway, here is th package image for the Appliance Set.

I'm also land poor. Will try to sell my gorgeous Scandium again -- or maybe rent it. I'm building a gorgeous home there to help it sell. Of course I have my real home in Pink. And then there is my store in Iliena Cove (just building it now -- want to have a building I can sell when I'm done). Then my two stores..... geesh. How did I get so over extended?

Oh yes, and I attended the Commonwealth Island mtg. as a CODEPINK rep. and it was wonderful. If you haven't been hang-gliding there, you should go.
I'm the one with the pink hair.

There is a new progressive Radio Group on the island, I will have to do a whole piece on just that. But to make a long story short -- the station will be broadcasting from the march on DC and the actions that will be happening on September 15th. We're going to have the feed streamed to the Island and folks from various groups will be around to talk war, peace, impeachment, individual and collective responsibility and what we could be doing with the money being spent on the war in Iraq. Do you realize how many buhzillion Linden those billions of dollars are? Yowza.

I am trying to be more social and not just be off by myself building. So I accepted Lauk's invitation to a photographic showing in a gallery on his land. It was amazing. Most of the folks there already knew each other, but I had a very interesting talk with someone in a Wyrm avatar. Isn't it beautiful?

I just can't keep up with all of the SL sub-cultures!

Lauk's nest is one of the most wonderful places around. The nature is great and his intelligent species are some of the best animals in SL.

Oh, and I've been building up a storm trying to get some new merchandise out and trying to get better packaging going. So along that line of thought I have been playing in GIMP. Yeah Open Source!!!

What do you think?

Do you like my chair. I have good scripted/animated poseballs. Come try it out in my Barcelona shop. I love the little table I made too. The top is supposed to emulate the yellow Formica on the table I had when I was growing up. The grooved aluminum on the sides was fun too. Oh, and the table is only 1 prim. I love playing with shapes!

If you are reading this and there are no links, don't despair. I will ad SL URL links later today.


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