Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Islands, No Drones, Environmental Racism and more.

Casita Gaia, Gaia Village is taking up most of my creative energy these days. Need to rebuild, again, on an island I actually own. Had an offer too good to pass up on the purchase of an island. See for the vision with which I'm working.

Also gathering some WPA graphics for a box of textures in SL. XstreetSL sales have been up recently.

And I updated the CODEPINK Hut on Commonwealth as well as the Environmental Rooftop Fest at Sugar Hill on top of the Museum of the African Diaspora with information about the No Drones actions at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada.

So much to do. Also trying to write an essay on the feminine nature of virtual worlds.

Peace. :)

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Ana Herzog, avatar in the virtual world of Second Life, expounds on the semiotics of identity in the metaverse, alternate realities, feminism, artistic expression and the growing use of SL as a a progressive networking tool. Second Ana was born into Second Life on July 8th of 2006. Her island, The Womens Center, will officially open on the Autumnal Equinox. She owns Casita Gaia, an Interior Furnishings Boutique in Barcelona del Oeste. She is the local coordinator for CODEPINK SL. CODEPINK SL is an international chapter of CODEPINK Women for Peace. CODEPINK is also represented by our hut hangout on Commonwealth Island where our neighbors include the ACLU and Green Peace.