Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ana Overextended

.... as usual. What's a girl to do? There are so many wonderful opportunities in this world of SL and not enough time to do them all. I was one of the 50 or so SLers who the Burning Life Lindens decided to give an early plot to in a visible spot near the entrance in the PG sims to this year's spin off from Burning Man. So I've been building away on Network on my theme camp. It is a solo venture, but I'm always surprised when I run into folks I know -- I've run across both errcheck Hicks and Cheen Pitney in the burning man sims. This is very exciting. I'm in one of the central PG sims, Network, that is supposed to be safe for media coverage. LOL. We must censor ourselves for the media.

Anyway, I'm trying to stay focused but have too many things going on. They are all wonderful and worthy projects, but I can't keep them all afloat. Womens Center. CODEPINK. My stores in Barcelona. My main store that I'm building in what used to be a fairy glade. And there is always stuff to do on the spur of the moment. Take September 11th. I was moping around not wanting to participate in anything that glorified the unjust war that has, against all logic, sprung from the attacks of that fateful day. I got an IM from any1 Gynoid about a poetry event at Cetus Gallery as part of a day of rememberance. It sounded like something that would help me remember all the lives lost that day without buying into the propaganda machine that uses the horrific and tremendously sad deaths of 3000 Americans for political purposes. So off I went.

Larkworthy Antfarm was reading her lyric reflections of that brutal day. Beautiful. I was impressed. Too often I just stay on my land and build. There is such a great community of amazingly creative and productive souls here. Any1, who was coordinating at least part of this event announced an open mic for those people who wanted to share their own refelctions memories and grief centered on the losses of that day. I found the poems of a very close (and I mean remarkable close) friend wrote poetry in response to the violence and the violence that came from that violence, who had it accepted as part of the Poets Against War web project that continued out of the book by the same name and offered to read them. Explorer Dastardly and I read our offered items, and then Larksworthy closed with a Sara Teasdale poem. I have been a bit surprised by people who were there who were moved enough to really listen to what we all said and report on it on CNN iReports as well by The Secondlife Newspaper, I'm humbled.

I need to do more for things I believe in but I also like to have fun. I can't do it all though. I'd like to have time to write poetry. Something has to be cut... and it may end up being Womens Center. I wonder if someone else wants to run an island with a great name. The opening was supposed to be this weekend. Not going to happen. This makes me very sad. I think I will have to let a shop in Barcelona go too.... can't decide which one though...


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