Friday, November 7, 2008

Island Life - Open, Homestead, and Otherwise

Looks like my social and business over-extension isn't going to go away. I now have two islands! Not real islands in the sense of coughing up thousands of dollars U.S. and then paying hundreds a month for 17,000+ prims (the building blocks of the visual virtual world) but rather Open Space islands that will soon be called Homestead Islands while the term Open Space island will be reserved for islands that are only for open sea or forests, gardens and the like and will be limited to around 700 prims.

At this time I plan to keep the two islands I have for the time being.

The Women's Building Place Sandbox is very popular.

And work is underway to create Casita Gaia a island HQ location for my businesses. I will have to decide whether to keep all my other stores open within a few days as rents on them come due. More business discussion in another post. I will have to go into options and let you see how I weighed the facors and whether money or fun trumped the other one. I will interested to see what I decide too. LOL.

I'm renting both these open spaces from Delicious Demar who has been a friend for almost my whole life in SL.


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