Friday, January 25, 2008

EvaMoon Ember @ the Conscious Lounge - Comedic Singer Songwriter

If you haven't checked out Conscious Lounge on the Isle of Genesis as yet, you are missing one of the best mash ups of politics and punk, of comedy and country, of ambient and anarchy on the grid. A place that is equally comfortable as hang out, as in depth discussion for left ofproprietess center perspectives, and of course for music and dance. Solidad Sugarbeet is the proprietess, sometimes DJ, discussion mediator, and original thinker behind the Lounge. Many folks consider this an essential space for in world political action. Check it out. It is almost certain that will you come away with information and attitude you didn't have before interacting with the fine folks who hang there, and you will come away having heard some great Indy music.

EvaMoon performed at Conscous Lounge on Jan 24. A singer songwriter with a ribald sense of humor, she performed original material for a good music, good laughter, good time.
EvaMoon backed up by Malcolm X. You can see the open air club atmosphere. I find the space to be far more inviting than a close in club.

Beautiful person in the audience.

The second act that I unfortunately could not stay for was Wendy Curtis. A pic of when she was tuning. "Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair."

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