Sunday, August 10, 2008

Space Junky & Tibet

Attended a Space Junky concert on Friday night. Found out about it through an SL volunteer mentor who showed up at my Olympic Boycott Info Event. I wasn't sure I wanted to spend Friday night dancing by myself at a concert to the music of a group to whom I had not previously listened. I watched a suggested video of Space Junky's called Temple of Love and read about the possibly mystical and certainly marvelous experience in a Tibetan Temple associated with the song and video's evolution. Very neat.

So I decided to go to the Space Junky concert for Tibet linked to the Candle for Tibet light event on August 23rd. Dropped a notecard on their PR person, Bella Dutton. I wanted to make sure I would be one of the sims in their count of the SL venues burning Tibetan Olympic torches during these games. This is Bella at the concert.

I then TPed to the Inspire Center on Shangria that is in the shape of a star.

Everyone looked up for a minute before the start of the concert.
The set, lighting, arena -- in other words, atmosphere -- were all very much like a RL concert.
Here is another shot of the stage so you can maybe see what I mean about the quality in the attention to detail. The lead singer with Space Junky is the person from whose perspective the text on the Temple of Love page on the Current site, linked above, is written. Need I even mention her devoted following.

The band and production credits from the Space Junky in Second Life blog:
  • Shakti Cianci - Lead Singer/Keyboards
  • Valentis LeSabre - Producer/Manager
  • Zaphod Rahja - Guitarist
  • Zavier Corleone - Drums
  • Bella Dutton - Publicist
  • Tommy Parrott - Staging/Lighting Director
  • Izzy Cole - Tour Photography
  • Nemesis Greatrex - PQE Specialist
  • Wizard Gynoid - Calendar Queen
  • Tegg Bode - SJ Mascot
The drummer, Zavier Corleone, has an impressive set of percussive recreations, no?

Here you can see Shakti Cianci and Zaphod Rahja and a view from the stage.

August 23rd - the night before the close of the Olympics -- please participate in the Protest of Light.

Find more photos like this on Candle4Tibet

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