Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bumped in to my friend Ellie.

I ran into my friend Ellie Brewster who teaches in Women's Studies somewhere in Ohio.... that is somewhere that isn't in SL, can you imagine that?

Anyway I had told her about my new island called Women's Center in Delicious Estates and when I was popping in there tonight we both rezzed at the same time. So I showed her around what I've got done so far. Don't worry there will be a huge post about the island and my plans for it in the very near future.

But before my island is done, in fact in the next couple of days, do go to Ellie's display in the education section of SL5B (only a couple more days until it is over and goes away) check out all the great women's issues she covers by looking at elements of women's lives as typified by elements of the simple village home depicted in her exhibit there as part of her university's exhibit.

Ellie also coordinates a Feminist Science Fiction book discussion group on her island. You can go to the group's wiki to find out more about it.

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