Thursday, September 6, 2007

What kind of politics will Linden Labs support?

Linden Labs launched a new support system for business and education at a couple of days ago.

I was interested in how they were describing the political life in SL. You can see here.

I really hope they don't exclude the grassroots groups in their coverage of political organizations. For example.... is CODEPINK SL mentioned. Not that I could find, even though we participated in Netroots last fall, helped with the virtual march on D.C.,(Many thanks to errcheck hicks(sl) /venice vandal(flicker) for this three pinks pic.)
were the first group to set up on Commonwealth Island and join in with EU virtual demonstrations.
Yes, that is me in the pink latex pants with leather chaps, pink tipped hair and although you can't see it, the front of my shirt says, "Fire Bush."

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