Thursday, June 7, 2007

Avatars Protesting the G8

The protests continue. Today the protest started out at Governor Linden's Mansion.

Then we zipped over to Poole and the stage and started a "March" to Waterhouse Village.
This was the section of the actions where the griefers were busy with smoke bombs, zipping folks off to orbit, and other prohibited things. But it was fun to actually do a march in sl. I don't always agree with the anarchists and communists but it is nice to be to the conservative in the group. I was shouting out feminist peace slogans and a few CODEPINK "cheers."

Take the toys away from the boys
It is time for women to lead.


2 4 6 8
who should we incarcerate
leaders of the G8

Then we zipped off to Capitol Hill in SL

The one thing that I've learned from recent protests is that poofers are very annoying and lag producing. Oh... and that infighting will almost immediately occur anywhere testerone gathers --

How do I help to get the idea across that we have to look for commonality not difference?

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